Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mason Proper makes popular rock music

There is one thing I can say about the band Mason Proper with absolute certainty: Mason Proper will make one moderately entertaining album and then fade into anonymity over the next three to nine years in a career path mimicking Seven Mary Three. During this fade, they will commence several tours which will include stops at southern state school cities like Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Chapel Hill, North Carolina culminating at the Georgia State Fair in 2014 where they will play the 2pm slot, six hours before a reunited Creed takes the stage.

They have one really good song ("Fog") but then there's also some garbage that made it's way to MTV2 and convinced me of their impending demise.


I tried to warn you but you were out of your head. I'll meet you in the fah ah ah ah ah og.

Mason Proper - Fog

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Easy Listening

Or oh god it's Winter and now it's cold.

Alaska in Winter later, but first I made this up:

Some of us are Vampires, some of us aren't.

I haven't heard much good stuff over the past week and I'm really reluctant to do a post involving Vampire Weekend in any manner, especially a post where I write something favorable about them. But...the Chromeo remix of "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance" is really good. Take away the annoying and precious VW authored rhythm sections, substitute a legitimate composer and now we have a really great dance song, a really great song.

I envision this conversation taking place when this song is played at a typical networking event @ awful 14th St. gay? bar / dj set @ a pre-MGMT, pre-Cold War Kids, Pre-TV on the Radio concert / some friend of yours' party (20 people or less) who's getting their Masters in (Worthless Advanced Degree Subject) which will not enhance their earning potential or status on the social/sex ladder as much as they hope and desire.

Person 1 (kindof annoying whiney voice): Hey does Paul Simon have a new album?

Person 2 (AIR OF ENTITLEMENT IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID): I think this is a Vampire Weekend song.

Person 1: O I like it. Let me write that down using just my index finger on my gigatouchipad5000 and I'll download it later to play at thanksgiving for my mom and dad I bet they'll like it too.


Person 2: Did someone say someth-

Person 1 (loosening ascot): It's a remix or something. The original is much better.

Fratster: Gurgle

Or something like that. Anyhow, thank you Chromeo for legitimating this song.

Is this Alaska in Winter?
Or is this Alaska in Summer.

OK now for Alaska in Winter the band. It really is just nice smooth music that is easy to listen to. It's not original or unique in really any way I can think of. You can actually even forget it's on most of the time. It's that good. So check it out, it's the best I've heard this week:

Chromeo - Remix of Vampire Weekend's The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

Alaska in Winter - Berlin

Monday, November 10, 2008


The MGMT effect contains a minimum of seven zillion jiggawats.

This is so good it's silly. If you're a sucker for ambition, drum machines and seven zillion jiggawats of synthesizer then check this out.

Giantess - Tuff n' Stuff

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Say No To...!

There are a lot of crappity new albums out there that people have been blogging about. I'm just gonna name some of them here so that you can save yourself the few minutes of your life that I wasted for you and not download any of their songs. I'll start off with a couple that should be pretty obvious, names anyway.

I was born in 1992 and I wear a bikini does that make me a ho?

1. TV on the Radio - "Dear Science" Their new album is baddy mcbad and you should consider yourself a terribad hipster if you like this album or blogged about it.

2. Deerhunter - "Microcastle" Like TV on the Radio, I didn't Just Say No To...! this band last year, their EP anyway. Then they released this album that Pitchfork and everyone liked and it's pretty boring. Like Barry Manilow does 2008 boring.

3. El Guincho - "Palmitos Park" Lots of people with seemingly good musical taste have blogged highly about this guy. They're nuts. Just because he sings in spanish doesn't hide his badness. He's malo. Just say no!

Other ba(n)ds that you should Just Say No To...!

4. We Have Band - "Yes 'We Have Band' is actually the name of our band and I'm not really sure if we even have an album or EP with a name but our single 'Oh' is really bad" Um...There seem to be plenty of people who like this band / song/ concept but it's very bad and you should Just Say No!

5. Late of the Pier - "Space and the Woods" I downloaded a few of their songs, they were all bad and I quit listening to them, and I deleted them from my hard drive to make space for Hannah Montana pictures (non-nude). Then I kept reading about them over and over and so I deleted my Hannah Montana pictures (non-nude) and I downloaded some of their songs again and they were still bad and I quit listening to them again and then I deleted their songs to make room for some Vanessa Hudgens pics (nude).