Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunset Rubdown

I have been attempting to pirate the new Sunset Rubdown album for the last couple of weeks and the internerd has really let me down this time. So, Instead of posting music I'm going to just vent my frustration.

This frustration has two components, one of which is from not being able to get the music from my conventional spots er...Hype Machine blogs which really in the whole scheme of things isn't that much frustration - it's like a 2 out of 10, about the same level of frustration as say, having your roommate not refill the ice cube tray. The real frustration though is dealing with the realization that I'm not like a member of the cool blogging nerd community that shares all the secret songs and albums before they are released and that is like more of a 9 out of a 10 frustration. And if I haven't said it already a thousand times - my whole life revolves around three things: Getting air conditioning in to my mom's basement, avoiding debt collectors and stealing music before anyone or at least as soon as anyone else can.

So for anyone who hasn't encountered it before - here is the Frustration Scale:

1 - Trying to make a post on your dumb blog about a frustration scale and realizing your computer is too lame to even have any paint type program and thus having to utilize something that's really more like an ascending frustration list.

2 - The ice cube thing.

3 - Being barely above the height of the average girl and thus much less tall than the average girl model making it that much more difficult to score with the only chicks you care about scoring with.

4 - Leaving your atm card and driver's license at a bar that's like thirty minutes from anywhere where you normally would find yourself.

6 - Not being creative (drunk, high, bored) enough to come up with a number 5 on a frustration scale/ascending list.

7 - Trying to kill some warcraft dragon with a bunch of noobs and some guy from Finland. Seriously...more than a million downloads.

8 - Not being able to get more than $400 for the sex tape you made of your best friend and a girl that looks exactly like a Puerto Rican Lindsay Lohan.

9 - Having 500 words or more written on anything but a typewriter or cocktail napkin randomly deleted by the cybergods. And that whole not being intercool thing.

10 - Accidentally drowning your dog because you just wanted to see how far you could throw a frisbee in to the middle of a frozen lake.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bon Iver

Whoa two singer songwriter posts in one week what the hell is going on. Well I wouldn't be posting unless the stuff really blew me away and god does it ever. Bon Iver is actually the project of a broken hearted lumber jack named Justin Vernon who locked himself inside a Wisconsin cabin this past winter and recorded this stuff himself. Vernon sings in a yearning falsetto and is generally only accompanied by an acoustic guitar though a few tracks have some horns added to excellent effect. The stuff is soulful and mournful which in his vernacular adds up to beautiful.

And O yes he did do a short set before the Land of Talk / Rosebuds show I was at earlier this year. As I recall, he did have some box set up that added some atmospherics to a very still room. He wasn't on the billing so I didn't really know who he was - there were only about 15 people in the room so the experience was very personal.

Bon Iver - For Emma.mp3
Bon Iver - Skinny Love.mp3

The album For Emma, Forever Ago is available here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pitchfork wha??

I started making this post because I wanted to make a pun about how both DJ's and Doctor's are on residency and they're both uh smart and stuff but jesus christ it's just too lame for me to even figure out.

Anyway if you think you know something about music - you don't. This interview melted my mind though I'm sure the two of them were sitting there at their laptops or something looking up shit between each response. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Either way the breadth of musical reference is pretty impressive.