Thursday, October 30, 2008


Matt & Kim's jam Daylight is catchy as fuck. It's pretty much the cutest most irresistible thing this side of an Olsen twin.


Who's the most Irresistible?

A. White Indie Rockers with White Belts
(Very Irresistible).

B. High maintenance white chicks with white ___ on lips.
Thanks for making milk pervy Mary and Kate!

C. Snappy old white guy with young white models
Bottom row 2nd from left (Simply Irresistible).

Matt & Kim - Daylight

It's not MGMT but it's still pretty good.



There is this song called Paris from Friendly Fires' pretty good new album that has some allegedly shit hot remix. The remix is actually way-too-seriously-bloghousey to be awesome.

The song covers basically the same material (becoming cooler and going to Paris) as Time to Pretend and the chorus is very tight (around 80% as tight as an MGMT chorus). Anyways, I'm kindof digging the overall Friendly Fires aesthetic. Also check out Jump in the Pool. I didn't just link it to clog up some other guys bandwidth. It's a good jam.

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix featuring Au revoir Simone)

Friendly Fires - Paris

Friendly Fires - Jump in the Pool

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ya Ya Ya I found it!

Tracks from Esau Mwamwaya have been trickling to me all summer. Everything I've heard has been promising, but I hadn't heard the knockout track that delivered on the promise til just now. If Vampire Weekend got an episode of SNL, this song should get a season.

The Very Best - Dinosaur on the Ark

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'll stick to Awesome thank you.

I really should just leave this post with the title. After reading this sixteen times, it is in fact the best thing you'll find in here.


I've been doing some thinking, which means that I just thought of this, but all my reviews read like shitty Patrick Bateman styled crapola. In case you're confused, that means my reviews - ya know, the ones where I talk a lot about how the music sounds; those are the one's that read shitty. Ya shitty, not shittily, sorry. They read shitty. I think that's more than enough poop references for one paragraph, THIS THING'S GETTING BLOATED!!!!

However, this post does, unlike shoulder hair, have a purpose ...for those of you non-heroine abusers who are fans of late night dance beats, or early night beats, or good clean american fun.

Ok, I'm just saying that if I had a club or any one of those places that hires the penis pill spam man to cluster fuck my inbox with promotions, I'd play these tracks a lot. That's it! These tracks are Awesome! and lest I fuck the goodness of these songs up with words I'll stick to Awesome thank you.

Weird Tapes - TV Romance

Weird Tapes - Home

Kings of Leon

Billy Crudup and Jason Lee of Kings of Leon

I should not be doing a Kings of Leon post. Except I actually like their new single. A lot. It helps that WOXY keeps reminding me to like it. Thank you WOXY!

My general impression of Kings of Leon's already released music has been roughly the same as Pitchfork's review of their latest work. OK I'll just put it this way, I got nothing out of it and I thought it sounded like generic American rock, whatever that is. However, this new track is cool. It's ambitious and big and European. It's Euro Rock! Minus the Hasselhoof. Think Twilight Sad and ya I'll say it U2.

Since I'm covering big bands today apparently, I'll just say that the more I hear the new Killers song "Human," the more I like it. Its only downfall is that its too broadly appealing. How Horrible. I mean like, I could imagine this song being played on regular radio and TV and MTV and like in jesus, teenagers ipods, shit no doubt a kidsbop mix is already in the works.
Brandon Flowers with guitar (1973)

Human is new wave Enrique Iglesias. It's Enrique Iglesias for hipsters, college kids, tweens, hockey moms, Movie, TV, and Music music execs. It's Enrique Iglesias for Enrique Iglesias. The Killers are Enrique Iglesias with a better band. I'm not saying that's not good. I'm saying that's why everyone loves them. It's pretty music that you can listen to without feeling like you got caught masturbating to Sears catalogs by your grandparents.

One thing I think I can safely say now safely with some degree of safety, accuracy and precision is that the Killers are probably safely the best band of the last ten or so years and there's really probably no doubt that its a safe bet that there's no more critically and commerically successful band from the past decade, ya fuck you radiohead and coldplay, and other bands not worthy of capitalization.

I think the Killers are gonna wrap it up with this album. The critics and college kids may have loved In Rainbows, and dentists across the country are jamming to Viva La Vida, but the Killers are gonna come out of this ahead with another huge album.

The Killers - Human

Kings of Leon - Closer


1. One day I'll get back to posting about bands you actually may not have heard of. But I feel like my views about some established bands have been sortof contrarian as of late, so I thought I'd share a few words.

OMG I love Robin Hood (and Lykke Li)

2. I stole (which means I didn't ask) the Killers link from Minneapolis Fucking Rocks which is a really good blog. Thanks! I also stole the Kings of Leon link from another blog I've never heard of.

Anyways, I don't really understand how a blog could get pissed at another blog for stealing it's link. It would be like if Robin Hood had a rival um...thief like, what if Little John started pinching a bit of booty from Robin Hood and redistributing it.

Ya, a blog getting upset about another blog stealing its links would be like Maid Marian getting upset at Little John for pinching Robin Hood's booty, which in case you're Sarah Palin, a nonnative-english speaker, or just not catching my drift is perfectly fine with me.